Red Mask Of Death

Год выпуска: 2015

Red Mask Of Death

Музыка: Vorongrai
Текст песни: Сергей Куимов
Гитара: Сергей Куимов
Бас-гитара: Артём Подосёнов
Ударные: Егор Бажин
Клавишные: Евгений Симонов
Вокал: Анна Патокина, Артем Подосенов
Аранжировка: Vorongrai
Звукозапись, сведение: Сергей Куимов, SVK.sound
Мастеринг: SVK.sound

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      01. Red Mask Of Death

Red Mask Of Death

Lights are shining, every face is smiling, every mind is rotten
Mood gets better, everything that matters is long forgotten
Friends and children, the useless burden outside are dying
In the corners of your mind
You hear them crying

(And feel the pain)
As you start believing
(Time is running low)
You can hear it breathing
(Blood is on the floor)
You have never felt this way before
(Believe or not)
This is your new religion
(Forgive yourself)
As red shift feels your vision
(You shall not hide)
The pain has come for you this night
And you don’t deserve the light

Empty eyes among the empty minds are always watching
Strange disguise too late you realize it still can touch you
Red is blood and red is mud, you are tumbling
Your life’s moan is echoing around, as you lie crumbling


Музыка: Vorongrai
Слова: С. Куимов
Аранжировка: Vorongrai